2024 Conference Guest Speakers

Dr Gilbert Tang (Cranfield University) Guest Speaker 

Robotics in Society

Dr Gilbert Tang is a Senior Lecturer in Robotics and is the Course Director of the Robotics MSc. He is also the Robotics Course Lead at MK:U. He has been conducting robotics research at Cranfield University for over 13 years, particularly related to large-scale robot system development, intuitive human-robot interface, human-robot collaboration, and service robotics. Gilbert has been the project lead for a number of industrial research projects delivering automated production solutions at the mid-Technology Readiness Level (TRL) to leading aerospace manufacturers. He has led the development and launch of the Robotics MSc Course for Cranfield University and BEng in Robotics for the MK;U. He has taught and supervised at Master's and Doctoral levels and is a reviewer of publications and research proposals related to robotics. Gilbert is a Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He is also the Academic Representative at BARA (British Automation & Robot Association).

Slesa Adhikari (Computer Scientist VI S2 at NASA-IMPACT) Guest Speaker 

Software Development in Earth Science

Slesa Adhikari is a Computer Scientist at NASA IMPACT with a Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Joining IMPACT in 2020, Slesa has been actively involved in various cloud-based platform projects such as Multi-Mission Algorithm and Analysis Platform (MAAP), Visualization, Exploration, and Data Analysis (VEDA), and the U.S. Greenhouse Gas Center. These projects are dedicated to making Earth Observation data cloud-friendly and easily accessible. Slesa is a proponent for open science and open-source initiatives, believing strongly in the collaborative and transparent nature they bring to scientific research and technological development.

Guilherme Fernandes Alves (RockeyPy Co-Founder) Guest Speaker 

RocketPy Development News

Guilherme is a civil engineer from São Paulo, Brazil, who is deeply passionate about technology and engineering. With expertise in Python programming, he's currently delving into algorithms development for optimization challenges at Purdue University (USA). His background includes roles in software development and logistics optimization, alongside co-founding RocketPy, an open-source project for rocket trajectory simulations.

Syed Shane Raza Abidi (CranSEDS Vice President) Guest Speaker 

CranSEDS on Space Technology

Drawing from my extensive experience as an Engineering Manager at Adani Electricity, I possess deep expertise in thermal plant Operations & Maintenance (O&M), troubleshooting, and commissioning of critical infrastructure projects for 13+ years. I have successfully ensured environmental compliance, safety, and operational efficiency across diverse projects, including airports and solar plants. Currently pursuing a Master's in Advanced Mechanical Engineering at Cranfield University, I thrive in dynamic environments where academic rigor meets practical application. Alongside my studies, I lead a diverse team overseeing 13+ niche engineering competitions both domestically and internationally, fostering innovation and collaboration within the field.