2024 Alumni Mentors

Sutton High Space Technology Alumni Mentors

Farah Rizwan

Farah is an A-level student at Sutton High School GDST studying Computer Science, Art, Maths and Further Maths. She looks forward to pursuing her passion by undertaking a degree in Computer Science at university. Her learning has been enriched through attending STEM lectures at various schools, participating in the M3C Maths challenge and programming MOOCs as well as the Royal Society student conference. As a graduate of the GDST Space Technology Diploma programme with a passion for learning, she is inspired to take on the role of a mentor for this year's Space Tech Conference at Cranfield University. With technology playing an increasingly prevalent role in our everyday lives, Farah is keen to develop a further understanding of the capabilities of technology while encouraging the younger generation to approach its study with a creative and curious mindset.

Priya Chaudhuri

Priya is currently studying biology, chemistry and psychology at Sutton High School GDST. She aspires to become a neuroscientist in the future and has been awarded a TeenTech Gold Award, a Bronze Award for the Biology Challenge Competition and outside of school she volunteers at a healthcare charity, as she is passionate about improving and helping the lives of others. Being an inaugural graduate of the GDST Space Technology Diploma Programme and having also participated on the NASA EPDC Digital Badges platform, she has now taken on the role of a mentor for this year’s conference at Cranfield University. With the ever-growing use of machine learning in medicine and healthcare, Priya hopes to utilise the invaluable programming skills she has gained as a past student on the programme to aid scientific research which could enhance the lives of many with illnesses and disabilities.