RocketPy by Projeto Jupiter

Students participating in the Diploma programme have learnt how to program using a python library to produce graphic trajectory simulation visualisations for high powered rocketry. Using RocketPy, programming tasks have allowed them to recreate and customise real world data variables involved in a rocket launch such as weather conditions, launch locations, rocket and payload mass and dimensions to produce a software simulation that can be tailored to suit specific mission circumstances.

RocketPy by Projeto Jupiter

RocketPy is the next-generation trajectory simulation solution for High-Power Rocketry. The code is written as a Python library and allows for a complete 6 degrees of freedom simulation of a rocket's flight trajectory, including high-fidelity variable mass effects as well as descent under parachutes. Weather conditions, such as wind profiles, can be imported from sophisticated datasets, allowing for realistic scenarios. Furthermore, the implementation facilitates complex simulations, such as multi-stage rockets, design and trajectory optimisation and dispersion analysis.

Main features 

1. Nonlinear 

2. Accurate Weather Modeling 

3. Aerodynamic Models 

4. Parachutes with External Trigger Functions 

5. Solid, Hybrid, and Liquid Motors Models 

6. Monte Carlo Simulations 

7. Flexible and Modular 

8. Integration with MATLAB® 

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