Friday May 10th, brings our 2024 GDST Space Technology Student Conference at Cranfield University, hosted by the CranSEDS. Students will travel in from their various UK locations to carry out their final group practical assessment component in front of an industry panel, in order to defend their annual programming portfolios and receive their diplomas.

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The GDST Space Technology Diploma: Programmer Upskilling for Space Technology

The pre-university Space Technology Diploma is delivered across multiple GDST Sixth Form departments as a part of our programme. It is an new initiative to upskill pre-internship coders for computer science-based space technology ventures, using Python Programming language. The foundations of our programme curriculum encourage computer science-specific skills to be more purposefully honed for the space industry and ultimately, to target abilities desired for industry-level internship experiences.

2023 saw the programme receive both a Royal Society STEM Partnership Grant (collaborating with Cambridge University Space Flight, Launch Access Ltd, NASA DEVELOP, NASA Earth Science Data Systems and NASA IMPACT) and an AWS Proof of Concept (PoC) investment, to investigate aerial image and sensor data collection from remote airborne devices, for cloud computing-based machine learning processing. In 2024 GDST students were invited to present at both the 2024 Royal Society Student Conference and Summer Science Exhibition, and were awarded a STEM Partnership extension grant collaborating with the Cranfield University CranSEDS, to further develop their prototype computer vision AI imager for UAV drone aircraft integration.